Start living the life you were meant to live.

Obesity, a poor diet and ill health affect so many of us and it’s so easy to find excuses not to tackle the problem.

Imagine though, the feeling of pure joy that comes from feeling and looking fit and healthy; from waking in the morning full of energy and vitality. There’s nothing like it!

Whether your goal is to have the energy to keep up with your kids or grandkids, to run a marathon or simply to button up your jeans without cutting off your circulation, Dows Diets can help.

Come on in and experience it for yourself – it’s easier than you think.

Weight Management

We’re all unique and reasons for having weight issues are as varied as we are. With a certificate in counselling skills, Maria can adapt her approach to suit your individual weight loss requirements.

Maria is licenced to deliver 2 clinically effective weight loss programmes.

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Nutritional Guidance

Hypertension – IBS – Diabetes – Food Allergies

Conditions such as these can control your life. Through dietary management and increased activity, Maria can draw on her 20 years worth
of experience of supporting clients to help you regain control.

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Nutritional Writing

Maria has written articles for both the
academic and consumer press.

Having recently gained her diploma in freelance journalism she is keen to develop this area to ensure articles published in the media are interesting, topical and based on scientific evidence.

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