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Posted on August 31, 2020 · Posted in News


The covid 19 pandemic has played havoc with our lifestyles on many levels over the past 6 months. The sad fact is that being overweight means there is a greater chance of being admitted to hospital or ITU if infected.  While we cannot overlook these statistics it is important that we do not create an overwhelming sense of fear.  Focus on the positives of what can be done to reduce our weight and risk while living alongside this virus.  Over two thirds of the adult population are living with overweight or obesity. 30% of children leaving primary school are also living with overweight or obesity.  The European Association for the Study of Obesity estimate that 70-80% of the causes of overweight or obesity have a genetic component.  Obesity is a clinical disease that has clear links with genetics, diet and physical activity which are all exacerbated by the obesogenic environment that we live in.

The government have recognised the problem with the publication of the National Obesity Strategy.  This is encouraging as many of the proposals work on making our environment healthier and reducing triggers to eat and accessibility to fatty and sugary foods.   Among others points the obesity strategy outlines the need for evidence based weight management programmes.  These are best delivered by trained and experienced health professionals.  As human beings we are very good at losing weight. How many times have you done it before?  Our issue is weight loss maintenance.  Sadly, our success rate is quite poor.  For this to happen we need to enjoy the programme and sustain the lifestyle changes.  I am very fortunate to deliver the Counterweight weight management programme.  This is not a diet, but a lifestyle programme with proven benefits published in the medical literature.  As a dietitian I support people to take back control in their lives.  To be confident in their food choices and those of their family.  To help create a better relationship with food often through being kinder to themselves. The dietary component can be whatever suits the individual I meet; low carb, 5:2, low glycaemic index or low calorie meal replacements.  The key to maintaining weight loss is to expect weight regain, slip ups and challenges.  Just like life, it is what you do when the odds are stacked up against you that creates the biggest sense of victory.  Don’t resist these times and give up, but build in that resilience and learn from them. Keep practising and it will get easier.

Enjoy and good luck. X

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