What should you expect when you attend a consultation?

Consultations can be offered face to face or virtually.  They are conducted using a counselling skills approach and tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Initial Contact

Feel free to get in touch for an initial chat and assessment as to your readiness to make changes to your lifestyle. This will be done using a motivational interviewing technique. We can also discuss your expectations from the dietary consultation and what can be delivered. If you are keen to continue we will book you in for an initial consultation either at a premises near you or in your own home.

Weight Management

Maria is licenced to deliver 2 clinically effective weight loss programmes, Counterweight and Counterweight Plus.

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Nutritional Therapy

Many clinical conditions can be be better managed through improvements in diet and lifestyle, and counselling can help you achieve this.

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Nutritional Analysis

Recipes are analysed using computer software that contains copyright material from the nutrient databank and Composition of Foods.

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